The two popular rivers we specifically cater for are the Waimakariri (2 days) and the Clarence/Waiau Toa (5 days). They’re popular for good reasons.  You can run other rivers, depending on your experience and which river.  This is open for discussion.  


You pay for 2 or 5 days and get one day FREE for the Waimakariri, and two days FREE for the Clarence.  This allows time to pick up and return the gear or hold ups due to weather. 



We know shuttles are a total pain, so we offer shuttle services, and can advise on other shuttle options.

More Information About the Rivers

Waimakiriri River

Two days 60km, with an overnight wilderness camp. Grade 2 (easy) rapids. This river flows from near Arthur’s Pass to the Canterbury plains. It has wide vistas, high gorge walls, and a variety of rapids. It is suitable for a first self-supported raft trip. It is not far from Christchurch, and the logistics are relatively straightforward. We can advise on shuttles, campsites and what flows are suitable. It is best to avoid northwesterly weather and floods or the possibility of both. The rental period allows for pick up on a Friday, return on a Monday, so weekend trips are possible. 2 days rental, 2 half days FREE.

Clarence/Waiau Toa River

Five days, with camping and/or huts. Grade 2 and 3 (intermediate) rapids.
This river is one of New Zealand’s treasures. It is a long river, which is navigable by intermediate level kayakers and rafters. The raftable section is 170 km long, travelling through a number of gorges, lying between the Inward Kaikoura and the Seaward Kaikoura Ranges, which soar to Mt Manukau at 2610m on your right, and Tapuae-o-Uenuku at 2885m on your left. The variety of landscapes, geology and wild life will take your breath away. The rapids are mostly easy Grade 2, and there are many that will challenge you, but none exceed Grade 3. Rafts handle this level of difficulty, but need to be led by those with some rafting or kayaking experience. 5 days rental, 2 half days FREE

Other Rivers?

We know most raftable rivers in New Zealand. If you want to run some other river or rivers, we are open to discussion.

Our decision will be based on the river, time of year, your experience and other bookings around the time you’re looking at.

We’re just being sensible.

We can assist you with logistics, shuttles, maps and information.  We can also recommend qualified raft guides that you can make private arrangements with.  We do not offer guided raft trips. .