For Expeditions, Fun Paddling or Adventure Racing

IKs - rent, try or buy

We have IKs to rent as well as a range of 3 models from solo to tandem paddling you can buy.  Our rentals are 4.3m in length and are self-bailing, which means water that sloshes in will drain out.  These IKs are suitable for paddling rivers up to Grade 2 whitewater, lakes, estuaries and sheltered coastal waters.  Two expert paddlers could paddle Grade 3.

This size is used in adventure racing with three paddlers using kayak double-bladed paddles, but equally are ideal for two people paddling with kayak paddles or single-bladed canoe style paddles.

You can carry camping equipment, food and clothing in dry bags. ​

RAFTS AND IKs - A great combo on a river adventure.

You can cater for a bigger or diverse group, and have fun by including an IK or two on a river trip.  Those who can paddle a kayak can have a friend or family member with them in an IK.  You can hop back on the raft if conditions dictate.

What comes in the rental package?

Standard Package

  • Inflatable kayak (4.3m in length, self-bailing model)

  • Foot pump

  • Repair kit

  • Two kayak or two canoe paddles

  • Optional two PFDs (life jackets.

  • Throw rope

Overnight Trip Package


All of the above, plus you can also rent the following from us:

  • Two medium dry bags

  • Two small dry bags

  • 4 straps to secure the above

  • Carabiners to clip gear onto the boat




A free day is included at the end of your rental for travel and transport. Pick up the evening prior, return the day following your hire.  Your paddling time is that day or those days in between. We want you to max out your time on the water.

Deposit per inflatable kayak rental

$125.00 (refundable)

Cost of Repairs

Small hole (<10mm): $30.00
Small tear (<100mm): $50.00
Large tear (>100mm): $100.00

Delivery Costs

Pick up and return to Christchurch: FREE

Courier to South Island, and return: $50.00

Courier to North Island, and return: $70.00

All costs are in $NZD and are GST inclusive. 

Preferred Rental Package

We want to keep this very simple.

Here’s the deal. Take the gear away, have a great trip, and return it all in the same condition you took it.

  1. We expect a few scratches and wear.

  2. If you put a hole in the raft, you’re going to need to repair it to get home. Field repairs aren’t reliable long term. We will remove the field repair and get it done professionally, then deduct that amount from your deposit.  Then the next hirer will have a decent set of gear too.

  3. If you break or lose a paddle or an oar, or any other item, we will have to replace it at your expense. We will give you a price list based on local replacement items when you take out the gear.

  4. We will give you advice on care of the gear. We want it back, and you want to get home. :-)


We will also remind you that anywhere you go rafting is two day’s walk from any road, or a $2500 helicopter ride, so looking after all your gear is really important.


For you, and for us, and the next party.