What can you rent?

The raft, and everything that goes with it – oars, paddles, frames, but also the dry bags and barrels that keep your gear dry and with you.  We supply the whole package.


  • You just need your camping gear, food and drink.

  • We can advise on shuttles and rivers, but we’re not responsible for your actions on the water.

  • If you’re travelling from overseas, this is the best way to run your own river trip.

  • You don’t need to carry all this stuff, or even have to buy it all. We’ve got it.

Who can rent a raft?

We rent out professional quality whitewater rafts to suitably experienced people. If you are competent in the outdoors and are responsible with gear there is a way. 


The raft is typically 50% of the cost of equipping yourself for private raft trips. The raft is just the start, so we include it all as a package.

We can assist you with logistics, shuttles, maps and information.  We can also recommend qualified raft guides. Read more about these important other considerations



Paddle Raft
  • Raft

  • Two air pumps

  • Repair Kit

  • Safety kit, with throw ropes, carabiners, and slings

  • Paddle raft gear frame, a lightweight aluminium frame that keeps all your gear off the raft floor and secure. 

  • Gull & Carlisle Paddles

  • Barrels, to store hard items, such as cookers

  • NRS Dry bag, 110 litre Bill’s Bag for softer gear.

  • Laminated maps of the route showing huts, campsites, and know hazards.

Rowed Raft

Same as the Paddle Raft, but with the following;

  • Rowing frame with a comfortable seat

  • Carlisle/Cataract Oars, including spare oars

  • Tools

The rafts we offer are 4.2m professional quality models.  Unladen weight is 64kg and they roll up and can fit in a medium hatchback. 

They can carry up to 8 paddlers on a day trip – no gear.  Ideally they will carry 4 or 5 adults and gear.  The maximum load is 1000kg.  In rowing mode a good load is 2 adults and a lot of gear. (NO GLASS, JUST CANS)


- for those with some river rowing experience.

The cataraft is an NRS Outlaw 13 foot and 25 inch tubes (4m x 635mm) with a heavy duty aluminium NRS frame and Carlisle/Cataract oars.  


A 50 litre cooler fits behind the rower to carry food and drink and it serves as a comfy seat for a passenger.


The package includes spare oars, repair kit, frame tools, a Bill’s bag (large 60 litres dry bag, throw rope, flip lines and spares.



Two-day hire – 2 days FREE

(4 days depot to depot)

Collect it in Christchurch on Friday evening, return it on Sunday evening or Monday morning. Or any other similar arrangement.

This is based on an overnight raft trip from Mt White bridge to Woodstock on the Waimakariri River.

Based on the above $295

Five-day hire – 2 days FREE

(7 days depot to depot)

Collect it in Christchurch on any day, return it in a week. Or any other similar arrangement.

This is based on a multi-day raft trip from the Acheron/Clarence confluence to State Highway 1 on the Clarence River.

Based on the above $695

Cataraft Hire

As above but two days is $225 and five days is $525, plus the two free days.

$225 for two days | $525 for five days

DEPOSIT $500 - Fully refundable if you return everything in good condition. 

10% DISCOUNT - Hire both the raft and the cataraft and we’ll deduct 10%.
You can hire two rafts for the same deal.

How many days do you want?
What kind of raft do you want?

We want to keep this very simple.

Here’s the deal. Take the gear away, have a great trip, and return it all in the same condition you took it.

  1. We expect a few scratches and wear.

  2. If you put a hole in the raft, you’re going to need to repair it to get home. Field repairs aren’t reliable long term. We will remove the field repair and get it done professionally, then deduct that amount from your deposit.  Then the next hirer will have a decent set of gear too.

  3. If you break or lose a paddle or an oar, or any other item, we will have to replace it at your expense. We will give you a price list based on local replacement items when you take out the gear.

  4. We will give you advice on care of the gear. We want it back, and you want to get home. :-)


We will also remind you that anywhere you go rafting is two day’s walk from any road, or a $2500 helicopter ride, so looking after all your gear is really important.


For you, and for us, and the next party.