• Frontier whitewater rafts are made to Blue Duck's designs and material specifications. 


    We decided to specify a superior fabric with high tear strength. High Tear Strength is important for floors, seams, especially for bigger powerful water, not just rocks.  Our fabric is 70-80% higher in Tear Strength than a typical base model PVC raft. It’s not heavier as Tear and Tensile Strength is a factor governed by the fabric not the weight of the coating. PVC rafts are easier to repair than more exotic and expensive PU coated PVC and “Hypalon” rafts. They have good UV resistance and are fine for amateur and most professional uses.


    The raft factory has invested in some fancy machinery and we can now offer welded construction - which is not only better but cheaper. 


    We have developed a good relationship with the factory in China and we source our packrafts, IKs, and whitewater rafts exclusively from them.  They represent innovative design and the best quality at a very affordable price. There are no compromises.

    Frontier Whitewater Raft - Various Sizes


      A NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: For new raft or IK sales prices are based on pick up from our base in Christchurch.  Delivery to other places will be quoted to you once we are discussing details. Rafts weigh 50-80kg, and IKs weigh up to 25kg. Freight methods vary widely and we will arrange delivery at cost.  

      COLOUR CHOICE: There are many colour choices available to you. We will discuss these with you after we receive your order. 

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