Not all rafts are equal.  There are many variations in design, material, and methods of fabrication.   We have applied our experience of owning and importing rafts over the past 25 years to ensure that design features that suit New Zealand rivers are incorporated. The factory listens to our ideas and then applies their expertise and modern machinery to deliver the solution.


We know our rivers and love rafting on them, and they know how to make high quality inflatables.  

It’s a partnership.  


After importing rafts from the USA and buying used rafts locally, we learned what works and what does not.  Most PVC rafts sold in the USA are made in China, and only a few quality brands are made in the USA, and those ones are very expensive for New Zealanders to import.  

We also have Inflatable Kayaks built to Blue Duck’s design and specifications for New Zealand conditions. 


Blue Duck whitewater rafts are made to our designs and material specifications.  We decided to specify a superior fabric with high tear strength and to go for welded construction where possible.  High Tear Strength is important for welded seams and also for rocks.  Our fabric is 70-80% higher in Tear Strength than a typical base model PVC raft. It’s not heavier as Tear and Tensile Strength is a factor governed by the fabric not the overall weight.. 

We have developed a good relationship with the factory in China and we source our packrafts and whitewater rafts exclusively from them.  The design and specifications are exclusive in New Zealand to Blue Duck.  


They represent innovative design and the best quality at a very affordable price.  There are no compromises.


You can choose fabric colours in any combination, and choose from a range of rather smart looking bumper strips. And you can have plain black.