Everyone calls them IKs
  • Fun on the water

  • Adventure Racing

  • River and lake expeditions.

  • Sheltered coastal water

About our Inflatable Kayaks

With room to paddle with a friend, or rig extra gear for an overnighter the IK is ready for your paddling adventures. Available in single, double and triple models, these kayaks are capable of handling sheltered waters, lakes, and moving water up to Grade 2.  Expert paddlers can extend this to bigger rapids if they wish.  Our inflatable kayaks can be paddled kayak style with double bladed paddles, or canoe style with single bladed paddles. 


They are built tough and stiff and are quick through the water.  They are used in adventure racing (Summer Challenge run by Nathan and Jodie Fa’avae) and are perfect for a day run on your favourite lake or river.  Ideal for overnight trips on rivers like the Ngaruroro, Waimakariri and Clarence/Waiau Toa.

Our inflatable kayak is built with high quality PVC material, as used in our whitewater rafts, resulting in superior abrasion resistance, longevity and air retention.  Built to Blue Duck’s design and specifications for New Zealand conditions. 

Featuring either an inflatable i-beam floor to provide self-bailing, or a stiffer drop stitch PVC floor insert that inflates to a rigid platform, giving the paddlers a stable and comfortable position above the water.  The seating can be low and stable, using the thwarts as backrests, or by sitting on the thwarts to give a more powerful paddling posture. 

The bow and stern handles make this kayak easy to carry to and from the water.  It’s easy to inflate and deflate with its rugged valves.  The inflatable kayak gives you unlimited possibilities for fun and adventure on the water.

A great advantage of inflatable kayaks is they can be stored in a cupboard, under your bed, on a shelf.  They go inside your car.   Get your IK.  Blow and go. 

Available in a variety of colours.  Pump and repair kit included.  Paddling clothing is recommended on cooler water. Wet suit or dry suits make a big difference.  In summer conditions just watch out for sunburn!

Inflatable Kayak (IK) Specifications


Love our IKs but not sure whether to rent or buy? Just ask us. We can advise.