Blue Duck Raft Rentals NZ also sells Whitewater Rafts on order from our factory. These are to our own design, which means we adapt every great idea we can and then see if it adds value in the New Zealand context.  Our 2020 rafts were well received, and we have retained some features and upgraded the construction. Our 2021 prototype will arrive soon, then we'll promote it for orders.  We can source Inflatable Kayaks for individual and fleet operators. 

NOTE: The raft factory has invested in some fancy machinery and we can now offer welded construction - which is not only better but cheaper. 


Hypalon rafts are also available for those with the need for this material.  Hypalon (actually its modern equivalent like Pennel Orca and similar) is expensive but more flexible and will last longer. 


For most amateur and even professional uses PVC welded rafts and IKs will last for ages if looked after.  We have owned PVC rafts and IKs for 13 years with use of 15-20 days a year. Stored out of the sun or heat. Not a leak or delamination or fading.

JUST ASK.  We're happy to discuss your needs and offer advice on your options.

Whitewater Raft Specifications



  • All rafts are manufactured to our specifications to suit New Zealand rivers.  They are self-bailing with inflatable floors with multiple airtight compartments and 16 D-rings.

  • Manufactured from high quality 1300D 32*30 material PVC, which is 70-80% stronger in Tear Strength compared with most PVC rafts.  

  • The above price includes Standard equipment: thwarts, foot pump, repair kit.

  • Your raft is customizable – colours and locations of fittings. 

Not sure about buying, how about renting a raft?